Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Blaze Advisor 7.0

Cool cat Fair Isaac's rule engine is now in a new form i.e Blaze Advisor 7.0.Blaze advisor 7.0 is a effort to keep in pace with the current market standard and I must say that it is really a worthy to give a shot.Since the market is always demanding i.e the rule "Anything constant is change only" always apply for the market.hence the change in market leads to change in business rules and so, blaze rules engine is more advanced and user friendly in answer to its competitions.

Blaze rule engine new form is really charming as this blaze advisor 7.0 comes with new astonishing features.Lets go one by one the feature blaze rule engine is offering us.
  • In Blaze Advisor 7.0 builder is gone i.e been replaced with a eclipse plugin that helps to work in a industry based environment and also helps in working on multiple blaze rules projects simultaneously.
  • Blaze rules engine is now more powerful when it comes on dealing with decision trees,it shrinks the complex tree for better viewing while analyzing the whole tree.
  • Blaze rules engine RMA(Rule maintenance Application) is always been the most attractive feature for the business analysts.this power packed feature now provides more intuitional and highly responsive control when it comes to look at the work one is doing.It now include click through editing of ruleflow components,copying through rulesets and improved project reports etc.
  • Now the excel integration with Blaze Advisor 7.0 is also hoghly responsive.It enables the business analysts to change decision tables through excels itself also they can save local copy or edit offline.
  • To meet industry standards Blaze Advisor 7.0 has an addition of a br-unit test-framework based on industry standard xUnit framework.Now developers can unit test the business rules effectively.
  • Blaze Advisor 7.0 also now includes visual comparison editor that enables to get the list of differences in a highlighted way.
As we have gone through the major features that Blaze Advisor 7.0 has brought to us , the one obvious questions that comes to mind is that what will be the migration steps or validation that needs to be carried out when migrating a 6.5x repository to the Blaze Advisor 7.0 repository.
So here we goes with the migration steps or you can say validations.
  • LDAP(no versioning) , LDAP(BVS versioning-private) , LDAP(BVS versioning-shared), Database(BVS Versioning-shared) repsoitory types are no longer been supported with Blaze advisor 7.0.However to use these repositories you have to convert them to the supported repositories of Blaze Advisor 7.0
  • As soon as you connect to a repository through Blaze Advisor 7.0 a dialogue box appears that prompt for upgradation of system folder that is located in the admin repository folder.
  • If you are using versioned repository than you can check fro the option of checking in after changes are made to system folder.
  • One can even opt for not upgrading its repository but then he'll not be able to use the new features Blaze Advisor 7.0 is offering,Moreover the project folder colour will be different in order to differentiate it from Blaze Advisor 7.0 repository.
  • It is advisable to create a copy of Blaze Advisor 7.0 before upgradation as if any error has occured between upgrade the changes will be irreversible.
  • RMA(Rule Maintenance Application) that is created in earlier version needs to be regenerated with this release of Blaze Advisor 7.0.