Wednesday 8 February 2012


Blaze is a Business Rules Management System (BRMS) that manages businessrules which are nothing else but the essential conditions that drives the business.

Blaze is the most advanced rule management technology available in the market that added a Zest in the current business scenario and has taken the management and automation of business rules to the zenith.Blaze lowered the total cost that got induced due to delay in implementation of business rules and also shifted the ownership of changing the rules from I.T(Information Technology) on the fly that means a Business System Analyst (B.S.A) can change a business rule without going to create I.T change request thus lowering down the cost involved.Moreover an instant business need can be tackled easily and instantly.

Blaze works on Business Objects i.e Blaze Advisor Rule service analyze the state of the business object entered and as per that rules execution takes place.e.g. Let a Loan application business object entered into the Business Rule Engine(BRE) then the state will be analyzed say its credit history,loan pending etc and on that basis decide whether the loan has to be given or not.Blaze uses Structured Rule Language generally abbreviated as SRL is object oriented programming based language that make reading and writing of business rules as English-like in a way.So its got pretty easy for analyst to write rules without having much exposure to I.T background

Blaze offers Business Rules Application Development ,its maintenance and deployment across various platforms.Blaze comprises of the following components.
  • Rules Repository : Its a secure system for storing,organizing and retrieval of files,folders,projects and sub-projects.Blaze offers various options for rule repository i.e File Repository,Database Repository and LDAP Repository with or without BVS versioning having flavors of private and shared.
  • Builder IDE :Blaze Advisor Integrated Development Environment provides you a powerful GUI where you can use SRL to explore the power of BLAZE ADVISOR.It got each and every option that you'll be needing during your course of development with each and everything configurable.
  • RMA :Rule Maintenance Aplication i.e RMA is the most powerful and tempting feature of the Blaze Advisor that provides the configurable rule widgets that can be used to change the rules on the fly by the business analysts.
  • RuleFlows & Decision Metaphors : These involves the main decision entities such as decision tables scoremodels ,decision trees and the main sequence known as ruleflow which contains the event that got to be executed again based on certain conditions.
Blaze Advisor is designed to be part or we can say component of a larger Enterprise system which can host a JVM since Blaze is a java based tool also it supports for dotnet environment also.Hence it provides a multiple deployment ways e.g can be run as standalone application,deployed as Enterprise Java Bean (EJB) or it can be accessed as webservice or can even be integrated with any messaging technologies having java access e.g JMS.

    This article is basically to provide a brief interview and business implication of Blaze Advisor .My next post will be going through each kind-a deployment step by step available with blaze.


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    2. any book on blaze you can suggest or any e-book you have

    3. Hi - do you plan to add more articles? I have some BRMS related articles on

    4. I'm new to the FICO Blaze Advsior. Do you know
      1. How we can create test templates ?
      2. How we can run test cases in debug mode?
      3. How to create function templates ?

    5. any document on SRL you can suggest

    6. Hi, can anyone train me Blaze, iam new to blaze,i want to move on to rules department.

    7. Hi, can anyone train me Blaze, iam new to blaze,i want to move on to rules department.

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