Sunday, 22 July 2012


What is RMA...or say rule maintenance application abbreviated as RMA is the strongest feature of blaze infact I would say RMA provided blaze an edge over other brms products available in the market.

RMA provides the UI i.e the interface from where end user can cange the rules on the fly i.e RMA doesn't require to restart the server for reflection of newly coded rules.

RMA only provides those entities through the interface which has been exposed i.e by default all the entities which have instances in the blaze integration development environment will be exposed to rma until there has been filtration made at the generation of the RMA.

RMA can expose the following entities
  • decison table
  • decision trees
  • functions
  • any template instances.

Lets take an example in a credit card company the interest rate was currently being applied as 5percent and there comes a law or say amendment in which the rate has to be change as 7 percent ,in that case the business experts could just just change the exposed value of interest rat through RMA itself and it will all be done.

RMA saves a lot of effort in terms of money as well as time.

Following are the main part of RMA

  • Templates
  • web application
  • Templates Instances

SO i guess this brief post has given you an overview of WHAT IS RMA..???? :)

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