About me

Heyy Guyss!!! I an IT professional.I possess extensive experience in JAVA and BRMS Tool Blaze Advisor.
                 I am in possession of  OCPJP and OCPJWSD  i.e java and web service developer certification from oracle.I have started blogging from January 2012 itself,so not familiar with all the professionalism of blogging,but always tried to put out best and unique content in my blog.
               I'll just put on a small tale how I got started with this BLAZE Advisor Tool and what made me to drive a blog focused on it.It started back in December 2010 when i was just finished with my industrial training and was expecting a hardcore development project as like other I.T guys where I will be able to showcase my talent but in IT industry expectations are always smaller than what business demands......:( so I have been moved into Fico Blaze Advisor Group where each person I met is from different background and what we were sharing in common was only BLAZE . Initially I thought I got stucked in some kind-a data entry tool but that was obvious as from a novice perspective.As time grows ...I learned the application areas of blaze and delved into the amazing world of Blaze ,beside that I learnt a lot from my colleagues that were senior but did played friend like role in the start of my carrier .They are the one who guided me through the thick and thin of my professional life,I only got to know through them that I.T is based on business and technology is dynamic that keeps on changing and one needs to understand business to reach the heights and to gain the it took long but finally i rolled out my blog.

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